Work experiences

  • 2020: Part-time Lecturer, Gifu University, Japan.
    2014-Present: Senior Researcher, NICT, Japan.
    2013-2014: Collaborative researcher, Gifu University, Japan.
    2004-2007: Information Management Engineer, Lenovo Group, Beijing, China.
    2003-2004: ZCDL Co.Ltd, Beijing, China.


  • Aug-Sep 2015: Machine learning summer school 2015, Kyoto University, Japan.
    2010-2013: Ph.D. in electronics and information system engineering, Gifu University, Japan.
    2008-2010: MA in computer science, Gifu University, Japan.
    2007-2008: Research student in Gifu University, Japan.
    1999-2003: BS in computer science, SDAU, China.

Awards & Certifications

  • 2020.04: Won the 2nd best result on short-duration speaker verfication challenage (Interspeech2020).
    2015.07: Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1.
    2015.04: NICT team award.
    2014.12: Won the 1st position among the 8 international teams (IWSLT TED ASR evaluation).
    2006.09: Lenovo R&D award of excellence.
    2003.12: Award of excellence (ZCDL Co. Ltd.).